Jablonex Group has added an innovative product, a new shape called Farfalle, to the family of glass Seed Beads. The product’s name is by no means random – the shape is reminiscent of a butterfly - “farfalla” in Italian. The idea arose in 2005 and the shape first appeared in 2006 in a spectrum of finishes. The selection has since incresed to reflect the current trend with a range of fashionable colors.

JABLONEX Farfalle are characterized by the following properties:

  • Farfalle are made using four basic types of raw glass : crystal, chalk, alabaster and black.
  • Farfalle can be treated with a wide range of finishes applied onto the four basic raw glass colors. These include trendy colors, Terra colors, Solgel colors, metallic colors, irises, lusters, hematite and color linings. High resilience of all coatings is guaranteed.
  • Farfalle are available in two sizes (3.2 x 6.5 mm and 2 x 4 mm); due to technological reasons there is a wide dispersion of sizes within the same production lot. This property makes each Farfalle bead a true original. This characteristic can be observed especially when Farfalle are strung.
  • Farfalle can be used in both the design of finished costume jewelry (in necklaces, bracelets and earrings) and during the creation of artistic items, interior decor or applications on textiles.
  • The production technology complies to the highest level of the ecological and labor standards valid in the European Union.

The beauty and elegance of JABLONEX Farfalle will take you into a world of brightly colored butterflies. Their crystal wings stand out in finished costume jewelry and textile accessories and liven up interiors in the form of beautiful artistic items. JABLONEX Farfalle allow you to be unique and give you the opportunity to be carried away on the wings of fantasy.


Цвет (engl.)
Цвет (рус.)
"Внутренний прокрас"

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